We sat down with five changemakers and asked them about what being the ‘difficult’ one at work is really like. Watch as they share the trials and tribulations of creating change, along with their success stories.



roundtable #01

“A lot of businesses would do a lot better if there was an assumed acceptance that change was good.”
“It’s spotting likeminded people in the organisation and gathering a critical mass with you. It’s about personality and charisma. People choose to follow a character.”

Jenny Burns on being a changemaker.

“You need to have a clarity of purpose and you need people to subscribe to that purpose.”

Jonathan Carrier on having a purpose.

“It’s unbearable. The problem is you can always see what the next thing is and you know you’re not there. You’re not ever there.”

Julia Groves on measuring success.


meet the changemakers

“I quite often have a ‘holy shit’ moment.”

Jenny Burns

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“‘Good enough’ is never good enough.”

Jonathan Carrier
Jaguar Land Rover

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“Change does not make you popular.”

Julia Groves

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“There’s a huge risk in doing nothing.”

Jesper With-Fogstrup

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