We started with a basic platform offering, physicians diagnosis decision support at the point of care. It combined an incredibly broad medical knowledge base with a powerful reasoning algorithm. But, although the underlying technology was impressive, it was a long way from becoming a consumer product.

We gave Ada Health a vision, purpose, brand, and go-to-market plan to give the consumer proposition strong direction. After extensive research in three markets and an innovative approach to brand development that involved building four competing futures in parallel, we developed the brand architecture, product proposition, visual identity and name for a new breed of healthcare app.



With a blended client-agency team working on the brand, experience, and technology in parallel we were able to build a working prototype of the sophisticated AI messaging interface inside two weeks, testing with real patients every step of the way. We then embedded ourselves in the client product team in Berlin as an expert partner, consulting on the product design whilst executing a go-to-market plan.



We're building Ada Health’s capabilities in PR and marketing by embedding our team and coaching their people. From defining their messaging and social strategy to media training and media relations, we've generated a clear platform to build credibility and awareness for Ada in advance of full product launch in 2017. We've already helped them with a beta test in Australia and New Zealand (where it quickly became the number 1 health app in the App Store) and we’re now helping to build out a learning programme and with rolling out Ada’s V1 symptom assessment tool for iOS in 89 new countries in Q4 2016. It's an exciting time for a business with huge growth potential.